Make your IoT ideas happen!

Cloudchip IoT solutions allow businesses to focus on outcomes while we facilitate their digital transformation journey. our end-to-end IoT solution portfolio with coverage over sensors, gateways, cloud, connectivity, user experience, and analytics to benefit organizations.


Cloudchip IoT Platform allows fast development, management and scaling of IoT products. Our goal is to supply the out-of-the-box IoT Platform or on-premises resolution which will modify server-side infrastructure for your IoT applications. Our out-of-the-box components and APIs are dramatically reduce time to promote and save to 90th of development time for your IoT products.

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Industrial IoT

Cloudchip specialise in building awareness and autonomous systems that integrate with industrial protocols like MODBUS, RS485, and deliver unjust, period of time information and insights.

Fleet Tracking

The platform provides production based server infrastructure to connect your smart cars and vehicles, collect, store and analyze varied vehicle data.

Smart Buildings

Our managed services for smart buildings facilitate organizations save energy, increase safety, moniotirng, boost productivity, and enhance inhabitant comfort.

Smart Farming

This platform provides world category devices and APIs to scale back time and develop smart farming solutions. The platform is dashboard integrated and ready to use out of the box.


Data Collection

Collect and store data in a very reliable manner, surviving network and hardware failures. Access collected data victimization customizable web dashboards or server-side APIs.

Data Visualization

Provides more than 30 configurable widgets out-of-the-box and ability to create your own widgets using built-in editor. Built-in line-charts, digital and analog gauges, maps and much more.

Device Management

Cloudchip IoT Platfrom allows monitoring client-side and server-side device attributes. Also provides API for server-side applications to send RPC commands to devices and vice-versa.

Customization & Integration

In addition to MQTT, CoAP and HTTP support, users can use their own transport implemention or customize the behavior of existing protocols.


IoT Hardware

Get started with Cloudchip hardware development kits, and scale with industrial connectivity modules. Wi-Fi, cellular, Bluetooth, and mesh.


Network infrastructure designed for IoT. From SIM cards to security, we make sure your devices can talk to the cloud.

Remote Monitoring

Provide better assistance and strengthen customer loyalty. Our Remote monitoring for service is the best way to transform your business through the IIoT.

IoT apps

Our SDKs help you build iOS, Android, and web apps. Cloudchip web integrations stream data out of Cloudchip and into your database of choice.